A Day In the Life Of A Social Media Marketer!

A Day In the Life Of A Social Media Marketer!

Stock Photos Courtesy of: Canva.com

I know we have all been there before, you hear the birds chirping, and it’s a beautiful day outside, but the virtual demands of social media are calling your name! So, what do you do? Go outside and enjoy the day, and just put your phone on silent?

Not so fast, you are a social media guru, enthusiast, and expert you have made a commitment to all things social and sometimes missing out on these bright shiny days is a sacrifice you have decided to make!

You have many things on your agenda today: checking what new followers “followed” you on Twitter, follow them back, maybe RT a tweet or two, create a fun post for Facebook, connect with like minded professionals on LinkedIn, comment on some group discussions, curate some articles on social media news/tools, or my favorite try and think of something new and exciting others will want to read about on your blog.

Sound familiar?

If so, first thing is first, you need to get out of bed and make an amazing cup of coffee before you journey into the social media world, because you my friend are going to need it.

Then, let your mind wonder about what kind of readers you want to attract. After figuring out a targeted audience, think of what message you are trying to get out, “what are you trying to accomplish by writing this post?”

Once you have a targeted audience, and a mission, now you have to find a way people will listen. This is by far the most time consuming part, crafting words to jump off the page and make people: “Act”, “Like”, “Share”, “Follow”, “Post”, “Pin”, or “Comment” on.

But don’t worry we are coming to an end, after you have locked yourself in a closet coming up with a perfect formula for your post’s success, you now just have one more thing to do. Can you guess what it is?

That’s right you need to find that one image that will sum up your article, perfectly.  That one image is the key to success, and that is where Canva.com comes in. This tool thus far, has been addicting in nature, it’s easy setup allows marketers, like myself, not to spend countless hours in the day searching for the perfect picture, when I can create it myself.

Told you there would be light at the end of the tunnel, a great image creating tool. Let me know what your thoughts are on Canva.com, and if you need any assistance in creating content, or learning about the use of each social platform for your business/organization feel free to contact me.





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