6 Captivating Tips to Add to Your Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaigns


As we all know Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Although, you may not feel the need to run to the store and buy a box of Sweethearts candy, savvy business owners know how imperative it is to encompass this holiday to demonstrate their appreciation to their customers and clients.

Here are 7, enjoyable and alluring tips that can be added to your social media campaigns.

1.  Find fun, friendly, warm-hearted quotes to add to the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Sometimes what you may be thinking of saying to your customers isn’t coming out just right, so why not borrow someone else’s saying to convey the perfect message to show how much you really care. ***(Just remember to play nice and be courteous by giving credit to those who deserve it.) There are sites that have quotes specifically for holidays.

2. Changing your profile picture, cover photos, or add gif images.

We all are aware that a picture is worth 1000 words, so why not find one that gets your customers to embrace this sweet loving holiday. You may even want to add .gif images for those of you with Pinterest and/or Google+ to help your followers/circles get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

3.  Make a “lovey dovey” giveaway!

By creating a giveaway your customers will remain engaged in the fun, and it will allow to show that your company or even just yourself has a creative side. Ideas can range from samples, music, prizes, just be sure it relates to your company. For example, last year All You magazine found 16 freebies from different websites to share with their readers, these included freebies like: kindle books, t-shirts, fragrance samples, and coloring pages.

4. Host a Valentine’s Day discussion.

Whether it’s about love for a product, for a friend, family member, or that special someone, everyone loves telling others about the things or people they love. It’s a great way to stay positive and learn a little more about your customers.

5. Start a Valetine’s Day contest.

This could be as easy as a writing contest, a Pinterest creative Valentine photo pinning contest, or as intricate as capturing that perfect moment on Valentine’s Day Vine/Youtube  video contest. Whatever you pick, be sure to let the winner have their moment in the spotlight, whether it be a short blurb dedicated to their submission, or free services/products that you send to him/her.

6. Start a Twitter Hashtag. 

It’s not only fun, but can be as wacky as you want to make it. With hashtags it gives your company or blog the opportunity to have in one sense a catch phrase. This hashtag is one sure way to get followers thinking about you throughout the holiday and see the conversation that’s buzzing around the topic. For example, if you were a pizzeria in NJ you may choose a hashtag like, #lovetheslicenj or #hotpizzaforunj.


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