6 Reasons To Keep “Twittering” In Today’s World


With about 645,750,000 active registered users and approximately 135,000 new Twitter users signing up daily, the likelihood that you are on Twitter, or have sent a “Tweet” is quite high. This year in 2014, the line from businesses wanting to “Tweet”, to needing and absolutely having to Tweet will be crossed.

Why you may ask? Well, here they are, 6 solid reasons your business/brand/blog should keep Tweeting It Up!

  1. Be seen- Since Twitter feeds are in real time, over 2.1 billion search queries daily take place, this is one main/key benefit of the platform since it allows users to search a term and instantly find discussions taking place right on the spot. This capability alone compels over 190 million unique visitors a month, creating a very viable market to for you to be seen in.
  2. Be part of the mix- With Twitter allowing the use of hashtags, users are easily able to pick and choose the type of buzz they want to create around a specific keyword or a group of keywords. This can lead you to find tweets that are similar to niche categories of your own, helping you build more awareness to your brand and to the others within the group. You could also find headline news tweets, these Tweets may correlate to a topic that you have written about, making it easier for others to see you are engaged and committed to your industry.
  3. Enhance your writing skills- When you only have 140 characters or less to get your message out there, you better believe word choice is crucial to getting attention. The upside is that with practice, the more you tweet the more direct your writing becomes. This really builds upon a great habit of getting to the point as quickly as possible, instead of beating around the bush. ***This is a skill to take with you to any platform you are trying to promote your business on.
  4. Develop a thick skin- In business today, one must be able to take criticism. Twitter, allows users to retweet, reply, or favorite one of your posts. Even with the best of intentions, you will get those who disagree with your point of views. You can’t make everyone happy right? But, with those who choose to dispute your opinions/content, use their opposition to defend your business/brand/name.  This helps to show your followers that you have substance behind your content and can take a stand for your brand.
  5. Retweet Reaction- Nothing is better than finding those intriguing articles written by other savvy leaders in your industry that you feel like you just have to share it with the world. This is when you should retweet their original post to your followers, leading your followers to trust you in finding relevant, quality content that will peak their interests. Results have shown the more you retweet relevant articles that readers find engaging, the more likely they will retweet your posts. Remember sharing is caring!
  6. Expand your network- It always amazes me the type of people you find on Twitter. They are smart, witty, charming, and intelligent. These are the type of people to surround yourself with when trying to keep your professional network alive.

On a side note, I know to those who, “Twitter” like myself, it sometimes can feel like the job that never ends. But, if you stay positive and think about all the good that comes out of it, you’ll keep returning day after day, and see that others appreciate your presence on Twitter. Their appreciation will then lead you to build a network of followers, that in turn will be loyal to you and vice versa.



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