5 Tips for Keeping Social Media Content Engaging


Written By: Natalie Adis (SocialSplashGuru)

In today’s world it is easy as a business owner to feel discourage about traditional methods of marketing not pulling through for your company. The days where you would be able to create warm leads and generate new business prospects via cold calling and word of mouth, are now taking a backseat to social media platforms.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible for a business to thrive without being on a social media platform such as; Facebook or Twitter. However, what most business owners don’t understand is that internet marketing is much more involved than just creating a group page on Facebook, or a business profile on Twitter. If you were to think of a flower; it takes it time to grow from a seed to a full bloomed flower. Internet marketing is much like the flower in the sense that you cannot just hope that your page will grow overnight into an instant success. It will take time and dedication for your page to develop a following. It is imperative that you create or post relevant content to your page, which will in turn keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Here are five suggestions for keeping your followers interested:

1. Understanding your company’s goals– In order to fully comprehend how to approach your social media marketing strategy, you must know what you are looking to get out of it. i.e. Traffic generation, creation of a following, revenue generation, or creating interaction amongst your followers.

2. Engage with others in the industry- This will allow you to scope out competitors, engage with them about relevant industry related content, and link to your site. *Note* Links shouldn’t be posted as spam to a bunch of non relevant websites. They should be carefully placed in areas that will lead to the optimal generation of traffic.

3. Reviews– Reviews will help your customers/followers realized what an asset your company is. It will also give you the owner the opportunity to know what you may need to improve upon, and where you are satisfying your customer’s needs. It also allows your customers/followers to speak with one another in regards to the products and services that you may provide.

4. Update your Content Daily– Twitter feeds should be posted around 4-10 times daily, while Facebook comments should be posted around 1-4 times a day for the best results to occur. Also, the time of day when you post plays a key role to getting the most exposure. Therefore, you should post around business hours. i.e. 8:00am-8:00pm

5. Stay informed with changes to your social media platform– This is mainly regarding those of you who choose Facebook as your first choice. The one thing with Facebook that is certain is that over time it will change. The only way to know how and when it will change is to keep in tune with the scheduled updates that Facebook makes. (An example of one of the most recent changes Facebook has announced, would be regarding their shift from images being a priority on the user’s news feed to a more content rich article based approach.)

Now it’s your turn…Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let me know what you think of these tips and post your comments below.


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